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An international pharmaceutical corporation with more than 125 years of existence can't be a mere coincidence; it is the result of the continuous effort of men and women who have dedicated their lives, knowledge and experience to improving the livelihood of human beings.

In 1887 Luther Perrigo, owner of a general store and spice-selling business, had the idea of packaging and distributnig patented medicines and household items for the local stores. In 1920, in Allegan, Michigan USA, the L. Perrigo Company began offering private label products, leading a visionary activity of development and manufacturing of new products such as Over-The-Counter drugs, nutritional supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Since then, the PERRIGO company has grown in size and scope, but it has remained true to Luther's vision and has become the biggest private label pharmaceuticals manufacturer in the world.

Little by little the PERRIGO development as a corporation found an opportunity in the industrial diversification; Its growth was then focused on the acquisition and incorporation of companies from all over the world. In the mid-1990s, Perrigo decided to develop its commercial presence in Mexico. This objective came to life in 1997 with the acquisition of Quimica y Farmacia S. A. de C. V., a company founded in 1941, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products in northern Mexico, and it then was added to this worldwide project.

Perrigo de Mexico S. A. de C. V. was inaugurated in 1999 and opened its doors to domestic and foreign customers, becoming the first company in northern Mexico dedicated to the packaging and conditioning of pharmaceutical products for import and export.

Mexico then became an important benchmark for the international development of the corporation in Latin America and, in 2008, as consequence of the appreciation of the strategical potential, Perrigo acquired a leading company in western Mexico, Laboratorios Diba, S. A. founded in 1976.

Nowadays, with more than 1 000 employees, Perigo Mexico holds a portfolio of more than 150 products which include tablets, solutions, granules, suspensions, creams, capsules and a wide variety of pharmaceutical forms, becoming the leader in both, own brand name drugs and contract production in the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

Perrigo is the current worldwide leader in the development, production, distribution and promotion of Over-The-Counter and generic prescription (Rx) pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and beauty products, strictly attached to national and international standarization, guaranteeing top quality and with the sole purpose of providing affordable products that will improve the quality of life of our clients.

The oldest collaborators of Perrigo Michigan have seen the company grows, from a small local company, to a great international corporation with sustained growth; its development in the last 30 years has been the most representative in the 125 years of existence as a company.

At the present time, headquartered in Allegan, Michigan, Perrigo is present in United Kingdom, Israel, India, China, Australia and Mexico, representing more than 8 000 employees, developing projects which are becoming more environmental-friendly and committed to developing bonds of respect and mutual help between collaborators, enhancing the experience with the ethnic and cultural diversity of each country that integrates PERRIGO.