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At Perrigo Mexico, we are aware that the present and future of the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico and thoughouot the World cannot be understood without alliances or strategic partnerships with other national or international companies, where the sum of the forces ensures success stories.

Perrigo Mexico offers its experience in the Mexican market since 1954 and its position as a leader in the Store Brand and Private name Brand market to partners interested in supply, licensing, joint-ventures, marketing and distribution of their products through Perrigo Mexico.

In order to ensure that our partners' expectations are aligned with our own, Perrigo Mexico has a strategic focus of the development of new businesses activities, and thanks to our experience and the flexibility with which every business oportunity is addressed, we are open to considering actions such as acquisition, in-licensing, revenue/ profit-sharing, co-promotion or whichever action better guarantees a win-win relationship, maximizing our partners' strenghts and those of Perrigo Mexico.

Furthermore, Perrigo Mexico is always open to exploring posibilities of merging and acquisition of companies or pharmaceutical laboratories in Mexico and Latin America which will allow it to broaden its market participation, increase its product porfolio and expand into new markets.

If you are interested in sharing or exploring a business oportunity with Perrigo Mexico, we invite you to please contact us: